ZOTUP brings to market a new technology developed during 4,5 years of research and development and supported by more than 330 laboratory tests.

With 4 international patents, ZOTUP is in fact the new state of the art in surge protection for low voltage power circuits.

ZOTUP performances are at the top in class I and II tests, but what makes unique this surge arrester family are 3 absolutely innovative characteristics:

1. Integrated fuse Function. From now on, the backup fuse (internal or external) for the protection in the event of a short circuit is no longer necessary as ZOTUP arresters have their own switching capacity.


  • Reduction of the whole cost of the necessary protection equipment;
  • Reduction of wiring time;
  • Reduction or footprint and size of the protection devices;
  • Higher performance due to shorter wiring.

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2. Progressive indicator of the arrester performance. Currently the indicator of the overvoltage protectors provides a simple indication of the end of life of the device that coincides with the damage to the equipment to be protected. This type of information comes too late and is useless.

The new ZOTUP progressive performance indicator provides real-time information about the status of the arrester allowing you to schedule maintenance.

Whenever the arrester is stressed by lightning, so width to reduce performances, the window in the front of the arrester gradually changes color passing from the initial green (full performance) to completely yellow (minimum benefits). The remote signaling contact, for arresters equipped with it, is activated when this condition of minimum performances take place: the alarm is preventive.

When the indicator is red, the SPD is no longer able to protect and the replacement is necessary.


  • Reduction in costs of maintenance: this is made only if really necessary;
  • Greater efficiency in plant protection;
  • Simplicity in monitoring the state of the surge protection device.

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3. Possible applications of the surge arrester in environments with high levels of conductive pollution and high temperatures.

Sometimes surge arresters are installed in hazardous operating conditions: in panels exposed to dust / conductive vapors or high condense (steel mills, cement plants, outdoor panels of photovoltaic systems, lighting, signaling, etc.) or just coastal areas with high salinity.

Frequently, surge arresters are damaged even without overvoltage and with no apparent logical explanation. The cause of this damage sometimes is to be found in severe conditions of conductive pollution. ZOTUP, thanks to intensive materials research and to the special interior design, meets the requirements of the Pollution Degree 3 and Temperature Extended Range.


  • Extended employment opportunities;
  • Reduction of maintenance costs;
  • More protective continuity in outdoor and unattended application.

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This new range of arresters is equipped with seven closing rivets and a "solid" weight and design. 

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