Bergamo Città Alta

made in Italy
since 1986

Città Alta, Bergamo, Italy

Since 1986, we have been passionately engaged in the design and manufacture of surge protectors (SPDs), proudly MADE IN ITALY, ensuring our customers high levels of quality and efficiency in services.

Father and son, the faces behind the success of ZOTUP, thanks to their deep experience in the electrical sector, represent a winning combination of tradition and innovation. The founder, driven by a pioneering vision, laid the solid foundations of the company, which the son continues with determination and attention to new technologies. This dual leadership combines tradition, passion, and commitment to excellence, providing cutting-edge solutions for surge protection.

Continuous research

The Research and Development department has always been the beating heart of our company: structured, pioneering, and experimental. These are the key characteristics of the R&D process, allowing us to achieve increasingly higher levels of excellence. Our projects are managed by a highly qualified internal technical group in constant training. All products are tested in independent international laboratories to ensure maximum safety and effective data compliance.

ZOTUP for social responsibility
ZOTUP, always at the forefront in supporting the local community, stands out for its deep social ethics through a dense network of collaborations with non-profit organizations and associations. We have provided assistance to the hard-hit hospital in Bergamo during the pandemic, have supported local sports activities for years, and have been supporting the remote adoption of children through various charitable associations for over two decades. Our mission goes beyond business success, embracing the growth and well-being of those around us.
ZOTUP for the environment
ZOTUP demonstrates a clear sensitivity to the environment on all fronts: from our hybrid corporate fleet, to the use of recycled or biodegradable packaging, to investment in photovoltaic panels for sustainable energy production, to the complete reduction of gas usage. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by adopting eco-friendly practices in every aspect of our operations, thereby contributing to the preservation of the planet and the promotion of a more sustainable lifestyle.
Thunder is good,
Thunder is impressive,
but it is lightning that does the work. Mark Twain