Surge Arrester for High Voltage Systems



Lightning surge counter models ZU SC and ZU SC-M

Lightning surge counter models ZU SC and ZU SC-M

In compliance with the standards IEC/EN 62561-6.
The installation of the lightning surge counter must be combined with a surge arrester mounted with an insulating support.
Lightning surge counters do not require a power supply, they are installed at the earth/ground terminal of a single surge arrester or at the common earth/ground connection of a group of arresters.
The ZU SC model is capable of counting surges to ground.
The ZU SC-M model counts surges to ground and provides an indication of the total leakage current via an analogue meter.
A significant change in the value of the indicated current after installation shows a deterioration of the surge arrester or an increased level of pollution on surface insulator of the surge arrester.
Both models can be supplied, upon request, with an auxiliary contact for the remote monitoring of the counting.

Data sheet ZU SC and ZU SC-M

105 000 106 000 105 001 106 001 ZU SC ZU SC M

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