Surge Arrester for High Voltage Systems


medium voltage spd ZU MV


ZU HV is a High Voltage surge arrester for the protection of transformers, metalclad switchgears and transmission lines from atmospheric and switching overvaltages, ideal for indoor or outdoor applications and where high levels of pollution is expected, with the following features and benefits:

  • Installation of these surge arresters on the HV -side simplifies the selection of the surge protective devices on the low voltage side (in TN or TT systems) which are intended to protect against transient phenomena coming from the line;
  • Compliant with IEC/EN 60099-4;
  • State of the art metal oxide surge arresters without a spark gap and with silicon rubber housing;
  • Size and volume of the surge arresters based on the practical minimum for each nominal voltage;
  • The isulator of the surge arrester is characterized by the absence of junction lines;
  • The construction and manufacturing process prevent partial discharges;
  • Sealed with aluminium fittings and terminead with stainless steel clamps, screws and washers.

Data sheet ZU HV

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