Surge Arrester for High Voltage Systems


medium voltage spd ZU MV DC

ZU HV DC is a surge arrester with typical usage in direct current systems and particularly where electric traction (railway, underground) is used.

It provides the following features and benefits:

  • Surge arrester type L with: limiting operation, varistor for protection against overvoltages in direct current applications, and atmospheric lightning strikes;
  • This SPD is Installed in a vertical position, when hooked on overhead lines and when mounted on electric motors;
  • Its high mechanical resistance to bumps and vibrations complies with the regulations of IEC/EN 60068 part 2-29;
  • Its silicone rubber housing with high creepage distance allows internal or external mounting;
  • Its high discharge capacity In is 10 kA (8/20);
  • Its continuous voltage rating is from 1 to 4kV d.c.;
  • Size and volume of the surge arresters based on the practical minimum for each nominal voltage;
  • The insulator of the surge arrester is characterized by the absence of junction lines;
  • The construction and manufacturing process prevent partial discharges;
  • Sealed with aluminium fittings and terminead with stainless steel clamps, screws and washers.

Data sheet ZU HV DC

110 001 110 002 110 003 110 004 ZU HV DC-1


110 001 110 002 110 003 110 004 ZU HV DC-2TAB

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