Required by HD 60364-4-443 and by the EN 62305 series of standards for protection against transient overvoltages of atmospheric origin.

In the Internet era and with the exponentially increasing use of electrical and electronic equipment containing sensitive integrated circuits and semi-conductors with high cost implication in case of damage, increasing attention to transient phenomena of atmospheric origin and to the resulting surges within the electric distribution systems and installations is required. The statistical analysis of damages published by insurance companies irrefutably demonstrates the dimension of the problem. The costs of damage and downtime due to these transient effects has the same order of magnitude as the costs of civil crime.
To prevent damages to people and equipment, to ensure continuity of the electrical supply and of communication services and to avoid the corresponding economic loss due to presence of such interferences, the realisation of highly effective protection measures for structures and buildings in the public, industrial and tertiary care infrastructure as well as for private premises is essential.



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