S-ASI ... L ...

Surge Protective Device for Signalling and Telecommunication Networks 



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S-ASI ... L ... is an SPD for installations in series with the telecommunication/signalling circuits
to protect sensitive equipments with low resistability/immunity, providing the following features and benefits:

  • Classification for the impulse test: categories C1, C2, C3, D1 (comply with IEC/EN 61643-21);
  • S-ASI ... SPDs are made in pluggable execution and they guarantee the continuity of signal circuit. They do not suspend it when the plug is pulled out;
  • The common and differential mode fine protection let at this device to well protect grounded circuits;
  • Providing protection against direct and indirect lightning effects;
  • The behaviour of the SPD is in Short Circuit failure mode when reaching the end of the life;
  • The connection is made by screw type terminals to guarantee the best connection reliability;
  • Ground connection is made via PE and G screw type terminals, as well as the top hat DIN rail.

Data sheet S-ASI ... L ...

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341 006 341 012...341 206 341 212...S ASI...L2..

341 006 341 012...341 206 341 212...S ASI...LIMG..

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