fulmine giallorosso grande 70Protection against direct and indirect lightning effects (combined Type 1 and 2)


fulmine giallo grandeProtection against indirect lightning effects (Type 2)


fulmine blu grandeProtection against induced overvoltages (Type 3)


interferenza grandeProtection against electro-magnetic interferences on the line including transient surge suppression


Surge Arresters are in accordance with standards IEC/EN 60099-4, Ed. 2.2 and they are used in the electrical distribution with the following typical applications: protection of transformers, switchgears and transmission lines in HV systems.

  • Surge Arresters with a higher thermal energy absorption capability per kV of Ur than 4,5 kJ/kV are available upon request.
  • Surge Arresters with silicone rubber housing providing high internal and external creepage distances in case of fault current. Suitable for all applications with high level of pollution.
  • Surge Arresters available with disconnector device, which is activated by and increase in internal preassure with a reliable operating mechanisc and stable characteristic even over long time.
  • Additional impulse counter and impulse counter + analog meter for indication of total leakage current (internal and external dispersion).


Alternate Current Systems (AC)



Direct Current Systems (DC)



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