fulmine giallorosso grande 70Protection against direct and indirect lightning effects (combined Type 1 and 2)

fulmine giallo grandeProtection against indirect lightning effects (Type 2)

fulmine blu grandeProtection against induced overvoltages (Type 3)

interferenza grandeProtection against electro-magnetic interferences on the line including transient surge suppression


SPDs for signalling and telecommunication networks 

Typical installation: in series with the signalling/telecommunication circuits for equipments with "low resistability" according Recommendation ITU-T K.45 / "low surge immunity" according IEC/EN 61000-4-5.


  • SPDs with impulse ratings for C1, C2, C3 and D1 categories (according to IEC/EN 61643-21).
  • SPDs with common mode and differential mode protection against symmetrical and/or asymmetrical disturbances.
  • SPDs with disconnecting means in case of accidential contact between the signal/telecommunication circuits and a power line (e.g. 230/400V a.c.) due to isolation faults.
  • SPDs with integrated earth/protective ground connection via the 35 mm top hat DIN rail and by screwless spring type termination of the cable screen.
  • SPDs with RJ and LSA connectors.




Specific with Coaxial connectors 

Typical installation: for the protection of TV switchboards, satellite antenna or wideband transmission equipment and remote systems. Particularly suitable for applications with long coaxial cables which are exposed to electromagnetic interference.


  • SPDs with type F connectors for the protection of antenna circuits used in civil applications.
  • SPDs with BCN type connectors for CCTV circuits.
  • SPDs with 7/16 M/F type connection for coaxial cables of antenna circuits and telecommunication systems (4 and 3G).
  • SPDs with special connectors/connection can be supplied upon request.