ILF 4P 250/400

ILF 4P 250/400 is a multipole SPD for direct and indirect lightning strikes with integrated network filter for high frequency transients.
Typical installation: in supply circuits input of Control Room, Data Center and EDP.

  • It has the following characteristics:
    Lightning currents discharge capacity up to 50 kA (10/350) 4 poles.
    Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc is calibrated to TOV for a total immunity.
  • Although a special inductor ensures an effective attenuation of high frequency interferences, it does not reduce high tension and it has an insignificant energy loss.
  • It is suitable for protection of electronic equipment against overvoltages under category 1 test impulses.
  • ILF 4P 250/400 is a Test Class I, II and III (according to IEC 61643-11 ed. (2011-03)) or T1, T2 and T3 (according to CEI EN 61643-11/A11) surge arrester.

Download data sheet ILF 4P 250/400

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