ZOTUP, Italian manufacturer of surge protection devices, has protected hospital in Alba Bra, north Italy.


AlbaBra hospital protected by ZOTUP SPDs


Heavy air, humidity, thunders in the distance: a late-summer day is ending and the storm will bring its relief. But the coolness and the rain brought by the storm may not be positive and desirable for everyone: for electrical and electronic systems installed in structures and buildings where dangerous work is carried out or where there are people at risk, for example a hospital, the lightning phenomenon could be a matter of great concern.

A thunder striking a building may cause significant damage to its occupants and contents, including the internal electrical and electronic plants. Designing and implementing the protection of these buildings from direct lightning strikes and the protection of plants from the consequent overvoltages is a complex activity that begins with the process of risk assessment. Then it continues with the careful planning and selection of the appropriate protection measures, it is realized with the correct installation of specific devices, continuing over time with the efficient periodic and scheduled maintenance of plants, components and protection systems (SPDs).

In the specific case of a hospital structure, each phase of the process must be carried out with the utmost care, as the lack of functionality of the electrical and electronic systems may cause immediate danger for people's lives.


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