LLP 7/30 230 ff 1+1

spd for led systems LLP 7-30 230 ff 1 1

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LLP (LED Lighting Protection) systems is a ready to install assembly of a voltage limiting and a voltage switching SPD providing two modes of protection in a protective housing for mounting inside the opening at the pole base, with the following features and benefits:

Impulse test classification: Test class I and II / Type 1 and 2 (according to IEC/EN 61643-11);
• Combination type SPD for the protection of street lighting luminaires against direct and indirect lightning effects;
Backup protection is not required with an upstream MCB ≤ 125 A or up to an Isccr ≤ 4 kA rms;
Easy wiring inside of the openings at the pole base with a size of 186 x 45 mm (minimum diameter of the pole 101 mm);
• Housing providing a degree of protection equal to IP 54, equipped with a transparent viewing window that allows checking of the 3 colour status indicator with progressive performance indication;
• The special SPD case material allows to match with Pollution Degree 3 requirements.

Data sheet LLP 7/30 230 ff 1+1

data sheet led spd LLP 7-30 230 ff 1 1



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