L 2/20 230 3+1

spd L 2-20 230 3 1

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L 2/20 230 3+1 is a ready to install assembly of three voltage limiting and a voltage switching SPD providing four modes of protection, typically installed in Sub Distribution Boards (SDBs) for three-phase plus neutral 230/400 V TT-systems where connection type CT2 (3+1) is required according to HD 60364-5-534, with the following features and benefits:

Impulse test classification: Test class II / Type 2 (according to IEC/EN 61643-11);
• Short circuit current withstand of 50 kA rms with max. back-up fuse;
NFC No Follow Current® technology, there are no follow currents drawn from the power supply system after operation.

Data sheet L 2/20 230 3+1

data sheet spd

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