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ILF 4P is a multimode SPD for indirect lightning effects with integrated interference filter for high frequency disturbancies, typically installed in three phase plus neutral TN- or TT-systems close to equipment or machinery, particularly in industrial automation environment, with the following features and benefits.

Impulse test classification: Test Class III (according to IEC 61643–1+A1) and Type 3 (according to EN 61643–11/A11);
• Protects electronic equipment (PLC or computers, etc.) from overvoltages due to indirect lightning effects and from other interferences;
• In case of an SPD failure the protection is disconnected without interrupting the downstream supply. The failure is indicated locally by an optical indicator and via a remote signal contact;
• It is suitable for installation at LPZ boundaries 2 -3 and higher, in accordance with the lightning protection zones concept and in coordination with other SPDs.

Data sheet ILF 4P

data sheet spd ILF 4P

data sheet spd ILF 4P

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