IL 1/10 2P M

Low Voltage Surge Protective Device


241 002 IL 1-10 2P M

IL 1/3 2P and IL 1/10 2P M are combined voltage limiting and voltage switching SPDs providing three modes of protection, typically installed in single-phase 230 V socket outlets or within equipment with the following features and benefits:

  • Impulse test classification IL 1/3 2P: Test Class III according to IEC 61643-11 Ed. 1 (2011-03) and Type 3 according to
    EN 61643-11 (2012-10);
  • Impulse test classification IL 1/10 2P M: Test Class II according to IEC 61643-11 Ed. 1 (2011-03) and Type 2 according to
    EN 61643-11 (2012-10);
  • Equipped with a thermal disconnector, which interrupts the phase or neutral to ground path in case of an SPD failure, and with a green LED operating state indicator;
  • Provided with pigtail connections to enable the IL 1/3 2P to be installed at equipment terminals or e.g. socket outlets, LED power supplies, CCTVs, intruder alarms;
  • Suitable for installation at LPZ boundaries 2 – 3 or higher according to the lightning protection zones concept and in coordination with other SPDs.

Data sheet IL 1/10 2P M

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