ZOTUP provides high quality technical support through a group of technicians. Assistance is guaranteed by telephone, e-mail or skype conference and in addiction our technical staff makes inspections on the plants around the world that need to be protected providing primarily the relative sizing of the SPD system and then the best installation and assembly instructions. The team of engineer organizes training sessions dedicated to both the distributors sales force and directly to customers.

Customers can count on a reliable technical support for entirety, accuracy and strict respect of their needs. Our company performs the sizing and design of the systems, in collaboration with designers and engineers, especially complex ones, and provides technical and commercial support.

ZOTUP is a technological evolution oriented company, always looking for efficiency and above all quality. The quality is guaranteed through the choice to produce in Italy. Production is however only the final step of development of our product, which starts from the embryonic stages of design.

Our team is composed by a qualified and experienced staff, we try to be always one step ahead on innovation. Our technical department develops new products and new technologies, our products are the result of 4,5 years of research and development and more than 330 development tests carried out in laboratory. We develop samples that are tested in Vienna CTI laboratory. CTI guarantees neutral assessment and the results affect the continuous development of the product; that after numerous inspections and patents is being marketed.

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