C 6

Surge Protective Device for signalling and telecommunication networks


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C 6 is an SPD for the protection of CCTV circuits, typilcally installed on each line near to the HUB and close to the video cameras, providing the following features and benefits:

  • Particularly suitable for surveillance systems with connecting cables longer than 40 m.;
  • Easy to install by fixing and connecting the SPD to ground via an integrated M5 bolt;
  • Suitable for installation at LPZ boundaries up to 0B - 2 in accordance with the lightning protection zones concept.

Note: To complete the protection of the HUB an adequate protection should also be provided on the power supply circuit, for example by installation of an ILF 2P type SPD (Code 209 310). Protection of the video camera power supply can be provided e.g. by a type IL 1/3 2P SPD (code 241 001) close to the input terminals (see above schematics).

Data sheet C 6

358 006 C6

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