C 5

Surge Protective Device for signalling and telecommunication networks


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C 5 is an SPD for the protection of TV switchboards with ground or satellite antennas.
It provides the following features and benefits:

  • Particularly suitable for applications with coaxial cables longer than 40 m. (cable from the antenna to the switchboard or main cable from the television to the switchboard);
  • Easy to install by fixing and connecting the SPD to ground via an integrated M4 bolt (through the equipotential bonding bar);
  • Suitable for installation at LPZ boundaries up to 0B - 2 in accordance with the lightning protection zones concept.

Note: To complete the protection of the TV switchboard an adequate protection should also be provided on the power supply circuit, for example by installation of the L /10 230 ff 2 TT type SPD, code 202 220.

Data sheet C 5

351 075 C5

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