ZU MV is a surge arrester for MV with the following applications, features and benefits.
Typical locations: protection of transformers, switchgears and transmission lines from atmospheric and switching overvoltages. Ideal for internal or external installation and where external levels of contamination are high.

  • The installation of these overvoltage surge arresters on the M.V. side also simplifies the selection of the surge protection device on the low voltage L.V. side (in TN systems) that protect against transitory phenomena coming from the line.
  • These surge arresters are produced and tested in accordance with IEC 99-5 superseded by CEI EN 60099-5.
  • Technological evolution and consumer demand are directing the market towards metal oxide surge arresters with silicon rubber housing and without a spark gap.
  • The size of the surge arresters is based on the practical minimum for each nominal voltage.
  • The SPD avoids deformation on the polymer insulator surface made during production. This is particularly important for the life cycle of surge arrester in a corrosive and contaminated atmosphere or in a high humidity environment.
  • This SPD avoids the inclusion of air bubbles which can cause partial internal discharges due to the irregular pressure between the components.
  • This SPD is sealed with aluminium fittings and stainless steel clamps, screws and washers


Download data sheet  ZU MV

ZU MV table 1


ZU MV table 2


  ZU MV table 3

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