S-N 24 RJ/RJ tel, S-N 24 LSA/RJ tel

Surge Protective Device for signalling and telecommunication networks


spd for telephone network S-N 24 RJ TEL

S-N 24 RJ/RJ tel and S-N 24 LSA/RJ tel are SPDs for the protection of equipment connected to telephone networks, each providing protection for 8 lines with the following features and benefits:

  • They can substitute the original patch panel;
  • They provide protection of the central PINs 4 and 5 of the connector;
  • For the input connection on the back side of the module (unprotected side) either LSA connectors or RJ connectors are available, offering fast installation (LSA/RJ) or major flexibility (RJ/RJ);
  • They are designed as current limiting devices.

Data sheet S-N 24 RJ/RJ tel and S-N 24 LSA/RJ tel

358 005 368 005 S N 24 RJ RJ tel S N 24 LSA RJ tel

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