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spd for telecommunication and signalling S-ASI

spd for telecommunication and signalling S-ASI

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S-ASI is an SPD for installation in series with the telecommunication/signalling circuit to protect sensitive equipment with low resistability/immunity, providing the following features and benefits:

• Common mode and differential mode protection make it particularly suitable for signal circuits between equipment with reference ground;
• Providing protection against direct and indirect lightning effects;
• Earth/protective ground (PG) connection via 35 mm DIN rail (according to EN 50022) and by screwless spring type termination for the cable screen. Upon request, the SPD can be equipped with a Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) inserted in the earth/ground connection for galvaniv isolation;
• Suitable for installation at LPZ boundaries up to 0A – 2 in accordance with the lightning protection zones concept;
• The behaviour of the SPD is in Short Circuit failure mode when reaching the end of the life;
• Note: Equipment protection at both ends of the telecommunication/signal line is essential (see above schematics).

Data sheet S-ASI

technical data spd S-ASI

data spd for telecommunication and signalling S-ASI

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