IL 1/10 2P LED

IL 1/10 2P LED is a multipole SPD.
Typical installation: on output in d.c., LED driver and lighting towers near to LED panel.

  • It allows to use of LED lighting in external applications with high level of exposure to overvoltages. It reduces maintenance costs and the life cycle of the lightning system becomes longer.
  • It can be used for lighting systems in class I and II installations.
  • Its connecting cable makes mounting quick in both in new and existing plants.
  • It is equipped with operating state indicator.
  • It is suitable for installation at LPZ boundaries 0B – 1 or higher, in conformity with the lightning protection zones concept.
  • It's a Test Class II (According to IEC 61643 + A1) or Type 2 (According To CEI EN 61643 – 11/A11) sureg arrester.
Download data sheet IL 1/10 2P LED


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