Milan, Italy - From May 22nd to May 26th, 2023, the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) TC 37/SC 37 A committee - low voltage surge protection devices - convened in Italy for technical meetings of the various Working Groups related to surge protection. The IEC Committee is a worldwide organization that develops international standards governing all areas of electrotechnologies, including energy production and distribution, electronics, magnetism, electromagnetism, and more. Milan was the set of this important technical event, involving all the national committees specialized on surge protection.

ZOTUP, an Italian company that produces Surge Protection Devices and whose CEO Mr. Gianfranco D'Ippolito is a committee member, has always operated in full compliance with these international regulations. Given the attention and compliance with IEC standards, ZOTUP has therefore decided to celebrate the plenary meeting by organizing during the afternoon of May 25th a technical/recreational moment for the Committee members, arranging a guided tour about Leonardo Da Vinci. Thanks to this opportunity, the participants were able to admire the artistic and cultural wonders of the capital city of Lombardy, celebrating the genius and priceless legacy of Leonardo Da Vinci, emphasizing the crucial role that vision and creativity play in the field of engineering and science, highlighting the importance of sharing ideas.

Leonardo Tour 14

The two main locations were the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, located in Piazza Pio XI, and the Museo Leonardo 3, situated in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The participants had the opportunity to deep dive into the study of Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions, to admire the many original drawings and notes, and explore their impact on contemporary society: from his studies on human anatomy to the design of flying machines, Leonardo’s innovations have inspired and still influence many fields of interest.

The Pinacoteca Ambrosiana (Ambrosian Art Gallery) was established in April 1618 thanks to the donation by Cardinal Federico Borromeo of his collection of paintings, statues, and drawings to the Biblioteca Ambrosiana (Ambrosian Library), which he himself founded in 1607. The focus of the visit was the Sala Federiciana (Federician Hall) where is preserved the Codex Atlanticus, the largest existing collection of drawings and original texts by Leonardo da Vinci, followed then by the Crypt of San Sepolcro. The latter, connected to the Pinacoteca and Biblioteca Ambrosiana (Ambrosian Art Gallery and Library), is a fundamental place of Renaissance Milan, studied by Leonardo da Vinci during his stay in the city: by analyzing the plan and structure, he claimed that it was erected in the "true center of Milan", as to say the junction between Cardo and Decumano streets where Romans conducted trades during ancient times.

Leonardo Tour 10

Lastly, overlooking the striking Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the Leonardo 3 Museum allows visitors to discover the Leonardo da Vinci artist and inventor through a different perspective thanks to unique reconstructions of his machines, restorations and world premiere digital animations of his paintings, providing a 360° immersive experience.

In conclusion, as a testament to a strong network of internationally-minded businesses, a celebratory moment was organized by ZOTUP S.r.l. at The Roof Milano restaurant, sponsored by ANIE-Confindustria-CSI (Italy), A.L.C.(France), GUANGDONG LNP Electrical Testing Technology Co. Ltd (China) and ZOTUP S.r.l. (Italy). Sincere thanks were expressed to all those who participated in this plenary meeting, giving their valuable contribution at technical-scientific level, specifically dedicating the evening to Alain Rousseau, who will chair next September his last meeting of the TC 37/SC 37 A Committee after 9 years of mandate, for his commitment, his dedication and invaluable contribution in promoting international collaboration in the electrotechnical field. Finally, a warm good luck was directed towards Vincent Crevenant, a respected member of the IEC community, who will assume this role for a future full of successes and new prospects for the committee.

Milan proved to be the perfect setting, with its vibrant combination of tradition and modernity. In addition to the debates and technical discussions, the participants were able to enjoy the beauty and attractions of the city, putting the base for a future full of promise and new challenges, guided by the awareness keeping in mind of the importance of an international network of businesses in promoting innovation for a better world.

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