Even if low voltage is less dangerous than high voltage, when talking about overvoltage it is always necessary to pay attention and take the right precautions. To protect ourselves and our plants, we need the so-called surge protection devices or SPDs. Zotup Low Voltage SPDs are a high quality Made in Italy production and they are able to protect people and plants.  

What is a "Low Voltage SPD"

The term "Low Voltage" refers to a range of voltage between 50 and 1000 V with alternating current (ac) and 120 to 1500 V with a direct current (dc). As Low Voltage is widely used in private, business and industrial fields, it may be found practically everywhere. Thus, protection becomes essential.


The main goal of a Surge Protection Device or SPD is to protect plants from the so-called "voltage spikes". A voltage spike is an electrical voltage that considerably exceeds the one of a normal operation when talking about an installation, circuit or a a system. Overvoltages are due to many causes. Theoretically speaking, they are generally divided into two categories: those having an internal origin and those having an external origin; the former are due to changes in the operating conditions of the network, like switching while the latter are generated by severe atmospheric disturbances, such as lightnings. Surge Protection Devices are the only tool for voltage spikes protection as they are able to store and divert electricity flows in excess. By discharging the abnormal flow to the ground, it leaves the system or circuit not too overload and maintains the correct voltage level.

According to EN 61643-11 (2012-10), SPDs may be divided into three types

  • Type I: perfect for areas where frequent adverse weather phenomena such as violent storms and lightning occur;
  • Type II: complementary to the first type and capable of supporting overvoltages caused by maintenance work on the power line;
  • Type III: to be installed following the first two variants directly on the back of the socket of an appliance to guarantee additional protection.

Low Voltage SPDs

The Zotup catalogue shows a wide range of surge protection devices. The three types mentioned above protect people and plants against:

  • direct and indirect lightning effects (Type I & II); 
  • indirect lightning effects (Type II);
  • induced overvoltages (Type III).

Especially when talking about Data Center protection, it is necessary to use SPDs for alternating current with additional filter to reduce high frequency electromagnetic interferences.

All the Zotup SPDs have three common features that allow them to be ultra-competitive on the market:

  • Integrated Fuse Function (ff): all the Zotup SPDs have an internal, patented combined disconnector which mantains the full discharge capability of the SPD, reduce the overall voltage drop as well as costs and volumes.
  • A colored (green-yellow-red) progress indicator showing the SPD remaining performance: the maintenance and the planning of replacement of the SPD during regular verifications and checks are semplyfied.
  • Zotup SPDs are designed to resist to a Pollution Degree 3, which makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including those in locations with severe environmental conditions (pollution, rapid changes in temperatures, humidity ...). 

Zotup: experts in low voltage SPDs

Zotup is a leader in the surge protection devices industry since 1986. With an all-Italian production, the Bergamo-based company offers top quality products able to guarantee total safety for its customers, their goods, and their work environment. Over the years the company has constantly innovated its products, as shown by the new Zotup surge voltage technology, and its services, creating the Zotup Academy. Beyond the sector of competence (public, corporate or private), Zotup provides a technical support service always ready to meet the customer's needs: from the moment of the initial choice with site inspections and sizes, up to the maintenance of the product already installed. Whatever the customer needs, he can rely on Zotup's expertise and reliability for surge protection that will really make him feel protected.

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