ILF 2P C 16

spd with filter ILF 2P C16


ILF 2P C 16 is a multimode SPD for indirect lightning effects with integrated interference filter for high frequency disturbancies, for connection to single phase socket outlets to protect sensitive electronic equipment like computers, printers, switches, hubs, with the following features and benefits:

Impulse test classification: Test Class III (according to IEC 61643–1+A1) and Type 3 (according to EN 61643–11/A11);
• Providing 5 protected Schuko socket outlets with a maximum total load of 3.680 W;
• Visual indicator for the power ON-state (red light) and for the operating state of the protection circuitry (green LED);
• It is suitable for installation at LPZ boundaries 2 -3 and higher, in accordance with the lightning protection zones concept and in
coordination with other SPDs;
• Equipped with adjustable mounting brackets for 19'' racks or panels, for easy installation on the front or on the back of 19" racks.

Data sheet ILF 2P C 16

data sheet spd ILF 2P C16


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