IL 1/10 2P LED

led spd IL 1-10 2P LED

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IL 1/10 2P LED is a combined voltage limiting and voltage switching SPDs providing two modes of protection , typically installed at the LED driver DC output terminals and/or close to the LED panels/bars, with the following features and benefits:

Impulse test classification: Test Class II (according to IEC 61643-1 + A1) and Type 2 (according to EN 61643 – 11/A11);
• Allows the application of LED lighting systems in outdoor locations where a high level of exposure to surges is expected;
• Reduces maintenance costs and extends the lifetime of the lighting system;
• Applicable to lighting systems with protection class I and II and with protective separation of the DC circuitry, provided there is a reliable PE-connection at the point of installation;
• The pigtail connections allow quick installation in both new and existing installations;
• Local optical indication of operating status;
• Suitable for installation at LPZ boundaries 0B - 1 and higher according to the lightning protection zones concept.

Data sheet IL 1/10 2P LED

data sheet spd IL 1-10 2P LED



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