SPDs for app. with additional interference filtering demand

SPDs for applications with additional interference filtering demand



fulmine giallorosso grande 70Protection against direct and indirect lightning effects (combined Type 1 and 2)

fulmine giallo grandeProtection against indirect lightning effects (Type 2)

fulmine blu grandeProtection against induced overvoltages (Type 3)

interferenza grandeProtection against electro-magnetic interferences on the line including transient surge suppression



Typical use: in TN-C, TN-S, TT- or IT-systems with connection type CT1 (4+0 and 3+0) or with connection type CT2 (1+1 or 3+1 connection) according HD 60364-5-534 . They are generally installed as close as possible to the origin of the installation, e.g. in Main Distribution Boards (MDBs), as well as in Sub Distribution Boards (SDBs).


• They are equipped with an internal disconnector with short circuit breaking capability. Therfore in many applications they do not require a backup fuse as an external disconnector.

• They provide a progressive indicator showing the remaining performance, which simplifies maintenance and facilitates the planning of replacement during regular verifications and checks.

• They are designed for Pollution Degree 3, which makes them suitable for a wide range of applications in domestic as well as industrial installations and many other locations with increased environmental conditions.


For applications with additional interference filtering demand

 ENG BT filtering

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