fulmine rosso grande 70Protection against direct and indirect lightning strikes

fulmine giallorosso grande 70Protection against direct lightning strikes

fulmine giallo grande 70Protection against indirect lightning strikes


Typical use: in TN-C, TN-S, TT and IT with direct connection to the ground (A and B) and 1 + 1 or 3+1 (C) according to IEC 60364-5-534. They are generally installed in in Main Distributions Boards (MDB) or at the origin of low voltage systems, as well as in Sub Paintings SQBT.


• They are marked by a power interruption that in case of failure of the SPD is able to extinguish independently the follow current network. They not therefore need a fuse back-up/support.
• They have a progressive indicator performance. Therefore they simplify the maintenance, facilitating the choice to replace during planned interventions.
• They are marked by Pollution Degree 3 which makes them suitable for installation in polluted environments (electrically conductive) found in dusty or conductive fumes.

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