L 2/20

L 2 20

L 2/20 ... is an overvoltage surge arresters SPD with the following applications, features and benefits.
Typical installation: in Sub Distribution Boards (SDB).

  • L 2/20 is a varisto-based SPD used in low voltage applications to protect against indirect lightning strikes.
  • Its Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage Uc is calibrated for a total immunity to TOV.
  • It's a NFC No Follow Current® limiterer because it prevents grid follow up currents circulation after operation.
  • It has an operating state/fault optical indicator that provides information on the operating state of the surge arrester.
  • It is suitable for installation at LPZ boundaries 0B – 1 or higher, in conformity with the lightning protection zones concept and in coordination with other surge arresters.
  • It's a Test Class II (according to IEC 61643-1 + A1) or Type 2 (according to CEI EN 61643-11/A11) surge arrester.
  • It has an optional device for remote signal contact monitoring.

Download data sheet L 2/20

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